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hi this is my site, im tween-aged Bethany, your host. and that list down there is a list of songs that i like you can use that chat there *points* to talk 2 friends, tell me wat songs you would like to here or just tel me how awesome i am and how awesom my site is, right? Guess not. well have fun ill be editing this site further sinse im the editor (duh) so if your disapointed just tell me on the site whot you want. :3. Oh and i have one more thing to say, I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH TRAINS! [ Copy this | Start New | Full Size ]
hey as you can see i like neopets but i like a lot of other things you can click on the buttuns on the side to go to other parts of my site.

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i don't think you want to go back to my dads page (at least i hope not if your my age) but here's the link.


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