Model Railroad Clubs of the World


Please submit the following information in an E-mail message, plain text. I will format the information and add it to the listing.
CLUB NAME . . . . . . . . . Scale(s) modeled
Club street address (if one exists)
City,(State/Province), ZIP code
Phone number of Club

A short paragraph describing the club, what the club models, time period, number of modelers, what is interesting about your club that would make someone get up out of their easy chair to come down and look and maybe even join your club!

Meeting Times and Places if not at the club listed above.
Open house info: (Please keep this simple as it can be the biggest update driver for the information.)
Information contact: Full Name, phone number, (Address optional unless the club doesn't have a mailing address), E-mail address, WWW site address if applicable.

Send the information to: Webmaster at:

Thank you for the information!

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