How to clean your room

  1. Go INTO your room.
  2. relax a bit and turn on some music ( somthing that gets your spirits up)
  3. now time to tackle your room
  4. divide things into piles ON YOUR BED! if its on your bed than you can't go to sleep now can you?
  5. put all of your dirty clothes into one pile, stuff into another and so on.
  6. then put the things in the piles were they should be (make a place if you have to)
  7. next tackle the small areas.
  8. don't get too caught up in one place go from one to another.
  9. next go into the smaller things like the bookshelf. Is it neat?
  10. now for the surface areas, do the same thing you did for the biger things only on a smaller scale, make piles.
  11. ask for help.

Keeping your room clean